About Schmidt 2002

66-year-old Warren Schmidt is a retired insurance salesman and has no particular plans other than to drive around in the motor home his wife insisted they buy. He's not altogether bitter, but not happy either, as everything his wife does annoys him, and he disapproves of the man his daughter is about to marry. When his wife suddenly dies, he sets out to postpone the imminent marriage of his daughter to a man he doesn't like, while coping with discoveries about his late wife and himself in the process.

Magical Mystery or: The Return of Karl Schmidt 2017

Under the auspicious name "Magical Mystery" the Berlin techno label BummBumm Records wants to go on a rave tour. Karl Schmidt aka Charly himself was once an aspiring artist on the scene, until he retired after a nervous breakdown five years ago. Since then he lives in a supervised withdrawal WG in Hamburg. Now, as a driver and custodian for the party-loving DJs and their producers, he becomes part of "Magical Mystery", trying to lead a self-determined life after years of patronizing and well-intentioned advice.

Corinna Schmidt 1951

Berlin in 1878: Corinna Schmidt, who was brought up in a petit-bourgeois, academic family, is romantically interested in Leopold Treibel, the son of the lordly councillor of commerce Jenny Treibel – although Corinna is also deeply in love with her cousin Marcel. Leopold is also falling for cute Corinna, and Jenny Treibel tries to prevent their friendship by all means, but changes her opinion when their secret engagement becomes public. To avoid a scandal, she urges them to marry quickly. But Corinna soon withdraws from this complicated situation and again turns to her cousin, who is banished from the country for his social democratic beliefs.

Michael Schmidt: Organic Hero or Bioterrorist 2008

The story of raw organic milk in Canada and the consumer’s right to choose It is illegal to distribute raw milk in Canada. In November 2006, twenty-five armed officers raided Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms as he drove up the lane in his old Blue Bus on the way to deliver raw milk to his cow-share members in Toronto. Officials confiscated raw milk, cheese-making equipment, computers, and files. This film follows a year in the life of a Canadian activist farmer as he struggles to provide his “farm fresh milk” while battling authorities. Schmidt prepares for his trial and attempts to find a political solution to legally provide raw (unpasteurized) organic milk in Canada.

Herr Schmidt und Herr Friedrich 2001

Scenes from the life of an aging homosexual couple - Wilfried Friedrich and Kurt "Kuddel" Schmidt. A relationship-comedy and at the same time, a trip into the German past and provincial life. The two men lead a life full of passion for trivial things, and they lead a pretty good marriage. Their story began before the fall of the Wall: one was a salesman in the west, the other was a waiter at a train station restaurant in East Berlin. The days of employment are long gone and the two men, both in their mid fifties, are confronted daily with the question of the meaning of life. They occupy themselves with various hobbies, like mini-golf, gardening, grilling, and above all, various well-maintained collections. For example, records, video cassettes, decorative plates, model trains, letters, and secret police files. Wilfried and Kuddel open closets to display their unbelievably well-organized collection of things and are themselves overwhelmed by all the memories.