Macabre 2009

Macabre, international title for Rumah Dara (Indonesian title), and in Singapore titled Darah) is an Indonesian horror/slasher film in 2010. The movie tells about a group who attempt to escape from a house that owned by mysterious lady named Dara and her family. We later discover the family are killers and cannibals attempting to gain immortality. The film is based on the short film Dara. Before the film was screened in Indonesia, it was screened at several festivals in 2009. Rumah Dara was released in Singapore where it gained an M18 rating (for Gore and Violence)

Slaughterhouse 2019

Since childhood, Bianca and Miko, never met their grandparents. Getting to know them only through photographs when they were young. Now after a long time, Seno, his father wanted to introduce Miko and Bianca to his grandparents, Hardi and Widya. Arriving at the residence of his grandparents, Bianca experienced strange events. Such as Hardi and Widya misidentified Bianca's parents' names. Then, there was a locked room in the back hall of Bianca's grandparents' house that couldn't be opened or even entered. Until one day Miko could catch Widya in the room, with his hands covered in blood.

Rumah 2015

Ayumi, 34 years old, has been working as an information call center operator for the past 10 years. In this day when anyone can find whatever they want on the internet, inquiries have dropped markedly. The phone doesn’t ring much anymore. Ayumi is plagued by feelings of emptiness and loneliness. She responds to only one or two calls a day, routine inquiries from older people who use the telephone as their source for information. One day, Ayumi is summoned along with several of her coworkers by her boss that she would be laid off. She then returns to her parents’ house where her father, whom she hadn’t had any contact in years, is waiting.

Rumah Belanda 2018

A haunted house from Dutch era colonial gives nightmare to a mother with two daughter.

Rumah Kosong 2014

Tells the story of Hendra (Dimas Seto) feels fortunate to be able to buy a luxury home complete with all the furniture with very cheap price from Bima (Anton Andreas), an old businessman. But the luck did not last long. The wife (Maeeva Amin) and her two daughters had nightmares. One by one the frightening events occurred in the house.

Rumah Pasung 2016

Ryan, Sultan and Mayang are the crew of the unseen natural expedition for the tv program, Horror Calling. Ryan acted as the host of the event. Mayang, an indigo, the money shows life invisible magic. The Sultan of the cameraman. One day Ryan had to go through his papa's funeral. Harsono and Ratna, Ryan's toddler, unfold the real Ryan past. Ryan is the adopted child. Through Harsono, Ryan's father, Gunawan, entrusted the will of a very remote residence outside the city.

Rumah Kentang 2012

When her mother passes away, Farah is forced to return from Melbourne to Jakarta in order to care for her sister Rika. However, things are more complicated than they seemed for Farah soon discovers that there are two problems that she has to resolve: caring and providing for her and her sister and finding a new place to stay as their current home is rented after her mother sold their old home in order to allow Farah to study in Melbourne, which is now too expensive for her to pay by herself. A silver lining comes in the form of her mother’s will that informs her that they are still in possession of her mother’s first house, which she deemed was a good investment due to its strategic location among the upper class, but has failed to be sold due to the fact that the place is haunted. The two sisters move in, but strange things start to happen

Rumah Malaikat 2016

Alexandra (Mentari de Marelle), student, became a substitute teacher at an orphanage called House Angels. Alexandra replace Irma, who no longer hold teaching because it is always plagued by the ghost of a small child. Alexandra Arrival get bad reception of the children home. Alexandra often intimidated. Alexandra denounce acts of children, but no one recognizes. Alexandra did not know that what bothers him is the real ghost.

The Ghost of Ampera House 2009

Adit promises to be with Annisa forever. Later, Adit continues his studies in London. After several years, Annisa finds out that Adit is seeing another woman, Lulu. Adit and his mother buy a house, and finds out that it is haunted by a female apparition, who threatens his mother. Their neighbor, an old lady, with a sixth sense, tells Adit that he must set right all of his past mistakes. Then Adit remembers Annisa. He finally breaks up with Lulu in order to save his mother. But Lulu does not accept it and tries to commit suicide.

Hantu Rumah Sakit Jiwa 2018

Johan, Syafiq and Zed are left orphaned after the unexpected death of their parents in a car accident. As these three brothers love their rugged activities, their uncle, Razak, organizes a bungee jumping activity for them and gives them his old bungee jump cords, unaware that he has altered them, in the hope that they will jump to their deaths. Why did their uncle plan for their deaths? What is his real mission behind this cruel plan?

Night Market Ghost House 2012

A new night market mysterious pops up in a small village and, one by one, patrons begin disappearing. This doesn't dissuade five young friends from deciding to hold a birthday party there.

Rumah Sewa RM50 2014

the story about five teenagers who rent a house for only RM 50, despite being told that the house has been long abandoned due to mysterious circumstances. After they move in, the five begin to experience various disturbing supernatural events and one by one them become possessed. Will they ever be able to escape the house?

Mystery of the Old House 1987

Six teenagers accidentally gave way to a curious ghost for revenge. Incidentally father also one of them, Susi (Rani Soraya) is responsible for the rape and murder of the family of ghosts. So membalaslah him. Later that kind ghost, promised not to continue his spirit of vengeance origin refined. The ghost (Noor Komalasari) was forced to be the ghost of a child who was curious because it contains makes it possible to die perfectly. Then issued from the mouth of the baby ghost.

The House of Red and White 2019

Farel, Oscar, and his friends, who live on the NTT-Timor Leste border, join the areca climbing competition. But instead of being united, they argue which prizes should be taken first. They fail and then blame each other. The problem becomes more complicated when two cans of Farel's red and white paint disappear. Afraid of being scolded by his father, Farel, Oscar, and his friends try to raise money to buy paint. They learn that there would be another areca climbing competition with a red and white paint prize. In the race, Oscar falls and hurts. This is the story of Farel, Oscar, and his fiends to celebrate August 17, the independence day.

Rumah Pondok Indah 2006

Tio is a very well-known sculptor who has customers from every country who always flock to his galleries. The statues he made are always very realistic and he is always all out in every sculpture he makes, even to go as far as ignoring his girlfriend, Maya. One day, Maya was promised that they will have a big engagement announcement on television, however it never happened, and Maya was only made to be the base of his newest sculpture. Maya, who heard about it, got mad at Tio. Tio cannot take it anymore, and in the end, killed Maya, even after knowing that she is pregnant with their child. Tio decided to make a sculpture from her body so people would not know the truth.

Pocong Rumah Angker 2010

Zaki, Joana and Debby visited an empty house that had been known as a dumping place and burial of a dead body in a criminal case. The arrival of Joana, Zaki, and Debby to document the building situation with camcorders. Joana accidentally found an old umbrella and developed it. Zaki believes that this will invite magical beings. Since then Zaki, Joana and Debby have often been disturbed by the appearance of a female dancer, Jaipong and Pocong. They go through days feeling anxious.

Haunted House Rides 2018

Initially, Dulung knows Aurel and Sky, who have relative science, or unlimited knowledge between the real and unreal worlds. Aurel's beauty, courage and intelligence make Dulung fall in love. That is not favored by Dira, his friend since kindergarten. Friendship in the Dulung Squad community is almost disbanded, because Dulung spends more time with Aurel. Dulung and Aurel are trapped to complete Erzia's affairs, ghosts in a violent school, and Michele, the occupant of the Haunted House.

Suami Sebelah Rumah 2015

Eryna had to propose to Amar to be her husband when her fiancée, Azlan, did not turn up on their wedding day. Amar, who apparently likes Eryna from their childhood days, and accepted Eryna's request with sincerity. Without the knowledge of their parents, Eryna forced Amar to live separately after moving to Kuala Lumpur. Amar was agreed to Eryna's request as he knows that she was not ready for him. Amar is determined to win Eryna's heart and the best way is to be Eryna's next door husband!

Calon Menantu Tuan Rumah 2019

Tells the young widow, Kak Pah to rent out some rooms at her residence to the bachelors of Ros, Zurin, Ika and Lia. At the same time, Kak Pah wanted to find a son-in-law for her son, Adam. Ros hard to take heart of Kak Pah makes him always called as a good tenant by Kak Pah. Ros was actually putting intentions on wearing Zurin, Ika and Lia.