A Better You 2020

Set in a dystopian neo-steampunk world, a shy young man named Douglas invests in ‘A Better You’, a customizable carbon clone to help him win the girl of his dreams.

Beyond Horizons 2018

Searching for the independence of adulthood, the young girl Alex discovers a miniature model town possessing sinister powers.

Stuffed 2018

A little cat with anger issues makes a unexpected encounter in the woods that will help him grow, change his life, and teach him ukulele.

Decoration 2011

An elegant vase inhabits the body of a young girl, and re-stages an event from her childhood using living tissue.

Royal Madness 2019

Long time ago, a mighty king, while protecting his kingdom, hunted all the monsters down and eliminated them. Nowadays, with no monsters left, he lost his purpose of living and falls into depression. The princess, trying to get her father back to his former state, sets up a fanatical plan...

Hoverboard 2012

After watching Back to the Future 2, an imaginative young girl and her stuffed teddy bear try to invent a real, working Hoverboard.

Grandma Werewolf 2017

When a dysfunctional family goes to their recently widowed grandmother's cabin for Thanksgiving, they find out that their grandmother is actually a werewolf.

The Broken Forest

Red, the Wolf and the Lumberjack; three beloved characters whose lives are intertwined by a dark secret. A secret which has engulfed their clans in a vicious cycle of bloody vengeance. To save grandmother’s life, Red must pass through the bowels of The Broken Forest.

Demon Department 2: Canglong Awakening 2019

Seventeenth year of the Yuanwu of Zhao Dynasty. Immortal Master descends to break the 400-year tradition of successive reigns and is about to celebrate his 600th birthday. The emperor is furious because his voice overshadows that of the emperor and wants to eradicate him. Zhang Qian of the Department of Demons sent two divisions of soldiers to Jade Mountain. The first is for spying information. The second is to eliminate the master. The two teams have been at odds with each other and have accumulated a lot of conflicts.

Silverback 2019

Amidst recent attacks in the city, a uni student is forced by his girlfriend, to bring a weird introverted kid along to a party. Little do both guys know that this won't be any ordinary night for them, as Silverback pick its next hunt.

What Is Happiness? 1991

Based on a series of books authored by Ryuho Ookawa. Alto is going home from school, when he finds a girl who calls herself an angel.

Last Interview 2012

Mr. Baek, a job seeker, is vulnerable to sunlight. Despite his unusual illness, he is eager to get a job. Finally, today is Mr. Baek's last interview.

Pour l'amour de Valère 2015

Antoine is a young comedian and musician. He lives with his wife who loves him, although she knows he is having an affair with Valère, his lover comedian.

Má Sina 1996

In an empty theatre, a woman is watching an American film - "Ma's Sin" - which tells the weird revenge story of a middle-aged wife, driven mad by jealousy and a deep feer of dying. During the screening, the viewer's fantasies embodied in male characters harass her. Thus she will live the double adventure of the projected motion picture and of her own mental film. But as the lights turn on, she leaves the theatre, apparently unaffected.

Eeling 2010

A discontented wife is seduced by eels - the keepers of the land. The mystic encounter draws her into the eels’ realm.

Hornzz 2019

The young girl Lu travel between unique experiences in a world of fantasy, learning how each choice reflects in her life.

Denomination: Quietude 2019

A dark depiction of an all-encompassing system, that tries to accept depression and negativity by slowly crawling into the empty calmness.